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Message from the President

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Dr. Stephen Bermudez Almontes
( 2019 - 2020 )

My Dear Colleagues,

We can all easily remark that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is one of the great challenges that dentistry has faced in its entire history. The dental practice is directly affected by the blow of this disease. We are forced to halt our practice as dentistry is the highest aerosol generating profession, thus putting every member of the team, the patient, and our families at risk.

We are all at a loss. A creeping feeling of walking through a dark alleyway, down on our knees, with outstretched hands to feel our way through.

The Philippine Dental Association is one with you in the fight against COVID-19. Committees have been formed to raise funds, procure PPE for donation and distribution of the items to health workers in need. A scientific committee is working double-time to coordinate with international health and educational institutions, research pertinent and practical clinical protocols that may be applied in our dental practice. The PDA Executive Board has approved the release of 1.4M pesos from the PDA fund allocation to augment each chapter’s calamity fund. Apart from this, the Welfare and Trust Fund has allotted 25,000 pesos as provision for medical assistance to deserving members affected by COVID-19. We are continuously monitoring the status of our members during this crisis as we pray for our member’s safety.

Also, your elected officers are coordinating with government bodies such as the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Health, and the Department of Labor and Employment for the welfare of the dentists serving in different posts of the community.

The PDA Interim Guidelines for Dental Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic was released last April 26, 2020, yet work is not near its end.  As the ECQ transitions to General Community Quarantine, you can count on your mother organization to exhaust all means necessary to guide each dental practitioner in establishing a safe working environment for the dental team and the public. Guidelines will continually be updated, and the webinar series will carry on its discussion on relevant topics for the resurgence of dental practice.

As we embark on the “new normal,” the Philippine Dental Association promises the members of its continued support, a guiding hand through the dark alleyway.

We fight as one. We will heal as one.



Stephen Bermudez Almonte, DMD, MScD Periodontics

President, 2019 – 2020