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PDA Interim Guidelines on Infection Control During COVID-19 Pandemic
April 26,2020

PDA Interim Guideli...

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PDA Webinars Explain Interim Guidelines for Dental Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic
April 29,2020

PDA Webinars Explai...

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17th NDHM Closing Ceremony

17th NDHM National Tooth Brushing Day

111th PDA 17th NDHM Opening Ceremony

Philippine Dental Association "Frontliner din"

Message from the President

Our term may not be the perfect one, but this is what we are given and we plan to do the best that we can with the help of my Executive Board, Hinirang Presidents and Committee Chairmen. We are facing a challenging year, but we need to look for solutions to the difficulties and confront them with headstrong convictions. Due to the Pandemic, most clinics and dental practice of our colleagues have been put to a halt. The scare from inadequate knowledge on how to handle the virus side by side with the practice has brought more fear than preparedness and because of this , our term will focus on RECOVERY…and as I boldly take on the light of this presidency, I feel this is the right occasion to look more closely at this new normal, and start on the task of making it a BETTER NORMAL for all of us dental professionals. That is why PDA in this challenging times, we must adapt, we must thrive and together we will TRANSCEND.
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Dr. Alvin Muñoz Laxamana
( 2020 - 2021 )​