Accreditation of Philippine Dental Association as Accredited Integrated Professional Organization for Dental Practitioners

To all Dental Professionals,


The Philippine Dental Association is ecstatic to announce that with finality, the PDA has officially redeemed its AIPO status from the PRC.

The AIPO refers to as the Accredited Integrated Professional Organization which is given to the recognized professional organization of the given profession which is specifically mandated by the provision of the Professional Regulatory Law to integrate the professionals to one national organization and where the membership therein by the professionals is automatic and mandatory. (PRC Resolution 2018-1089 Series 2018)

As we proceed with the said accreditation, we also welcome in our home our fellow dental professionals, the Dental Hygienists and the Dental Technologists. The integration is a work in progress. The important thing is now we are working towards a common goal, which is the betterment of the dental profession in the country

We commend our PDA Past Presidents Dr. Alvin Laxamana and Dr. Jose Angelo Militante and their respective Board of Officers for pouring sweat and blood as they resolved this accreditation with unsurpassed conviction. We shall cherish this restored prestige that PDA had. These actions will simply show that our Philippine Dental Association, WILL be the home of all dental professionals of the Philippines.

Congratulations to all PDA Members.

Mabuhay ang PDA!